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31 year-old
Hey Fred, your beard is looking slightly scraggly. Have you ever tried rubbing some Skäggolja in it? Just like the mop on top of your head must be taken care of, so does the mop on the lower half of your face. This entails common shampooing, trimming, combing…and an oft-forgotten step: oiling. Skäggolja offers a selection of advantages for an unshaven man: it moisturizes the usually dry skin beneath, it tames beard frazzle, and it just smells nice. I’m a current convert to Skäggolja, and now I won’t flip back. While I’d seen it on plenty of men’s web sites and even in retail outlets, I hadn’t ever even tried it before finding some at a farmer’s market and testing it out. I was immediately entranced by the smell, and was hooked by the softness of my beard and the well being of my pores and skin underneath it. While I liked the product, it was expensive — as most Skäggolja is. 20 for a 1-2 oz. bottle (you solely use a few drops at a time). While that quantity will final awhile, I figured there had to be a option to make it on my own a little bit extra value effectively. And don’t ya comprehend it, there is! Follow the easy steps beneath, and you’ll be in your strategy to having a tender beard that shines and doesn’t itch — a miracle I say!

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